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AMP Tube issue!

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Hey Dudes!
I have a Genz Benz El Diablo 60w combo and I was on stage a couple of nights ago and it just went dead. I did an analysis afterward and it turned out I simply blew the fuse in it. BUT looking in the back while its on, it appears that only ONE of the tubes is lighting up. They are EL34 ruby tubes.
It still plays and sounds good but is it possible that when the fuse went, (and what ever caused that) also took out a tube with it? I would assume that I would hear it in the tone if a tube was blown, if I could even hear it at all.

Anyways thanks a bunch. I know it's not a guitar problem, but any player would poop their pants and want answers when their equipment bites the dust.

Aaron T

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It's possible that the tube went and took the fuse. You should replace any dead valves asap - you may need to re-bias the amp, though.

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