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Best Strings for Acoustic Guitar?

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What are the best strings for an acoustic guitar? I'm looking to trade in my 222 electric for an acoustic and need to know what the best strings are for an acoustic guitar. Thank you guys :)

Alan Green
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Ask ten guitarists this question and you'll get 15 different answers, which will make your task no easier.

I've used Rotosound since 1970-something. They're good, and they're not expensive. Go for their phosphor-bronze range.

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D'addario for my acoustic and electric guitar.

Anita Bonghit
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Depends on what you want to hear. The most popular seller would be phosphor bronze, they are eq'd like a smiley face, nice deep bass, sparkly high, midrange cut. They sound very lush and full, but to me, loose that good sound pretty quickly.
My preference for a long time was the 80/20. Most people refer to it as a pickers string. It is eq'd with a big midrange punch and because of that it really stand out in the mix. Most bluegrassers are going 80/20 all the way. To my ear their tone stands up the longest. I've also played and enjoyed the silk and steel, they have a very mellow sound and play easily since the core is floss. Lately I've been using the vintage Martin strings, they are made with Monel an alloy that has been used for over a hundred years. They are the brightest I've ever used, thin sounding but project very nicely. I've had friends that would not put anything but Elixers on their Taylors until they try a set of 80/20's ~ OMG new guitar day. The easiest and cheapest way to see how good your guitar sounds is switch things up and try different alloys and guages.