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Buzz in one channel...
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Buzz in one channel + popping on channel switch = bad relay?

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I have 90's Ampeg Reverberocket that has a loud static buzz on the clean channel (does not get louder with increase in volume), and it also makes a "popping" noise when switching to and from the clean channel. The buzz does not happen on the dirty channel.

Here's what it is not:

1. Tubes (tried several sets, current set is new and biased correctly)
2. Resistors (all resitors in the signal path check out with a multi-meter, including the ones that run to ground)
3. Solder joints on the daughter board that the tubes plug into, which look good and shiny

I am at the point where I need to disassemble the amp to access the main board to check the relays, small caps, and solder joints (filter caps have been drained).

I suspect it may have something to do with the relay, given the nature of the problem. Does anyone have experience fixing a similar problem? Was it caused by the relay or something else?