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Buzz (Not Fret Buzz)

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Hi, this is my first post on this forum. I recently bought an Epiphone Broadway. This a archtop, hollow-body electric guitar. I'm enjoying it a great deal, but one problem has emerged that is annoying. I get a weird buzz often when playing high notes on the two or three top strings. It is definitely not an issue with frets or action. It seems to involve frequencies of the notes triggering a sympathetic vibration in another part of the guitar, possibly the bridge pickup or pick-guard. Usually I just give a little push with one finger on one of these parts of the guitar and it goes away. But then it comes back again. I haven't yet done anything with this guitar besides practice, but when I use this guitar to perform, obviously this will be bigger problem.

Any thoughts? Maybe I need to tighten or otherwise adjust something? Anyone ever experience something like this?


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I suspect that won't be audible amplified, but in any case it should be a matter of either just loosening and re-tightening some screws so that the parts lay flat, or if problems persist, stick a little blu-tack under the pickguard or whatever accessory it is that vibrates when played.


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If it uses the LP style toneomatic/stopbar bridge setup, check out the bridge. A lot of us have had buzzing issues in the bridge with our epi's

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