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Buzzing low E and A...
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Buzzing low E and A string

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I have an acoustic, Takamine, and I have a big problem and scared of it :|. One day my uncle changed my strings and it seemed like he was doing it right, he said he had enough support, but I don't know. When I go to play it the low E and A string was buzzing. I went to a professional to see whats going on, and he said that the neck bowed a little due to lack of support. How? That's the question I forgot to ask him :|. Now I asked my friend to change them for me, he has a lot of experiences with guitars, but I'm worried that it might happen again. How can avoid this happening again, because I don't feel like spending a lot of money for a guy changing my string when my friend could do it for free. If someone could please tell me whats going on and how to avoid it that would be great :). Thank you

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A lot of people suggest changing one string at a time when replacing the strings. This keeps tension on the neck which should keep it from going out of place when changing the strings. The other thing I can think of is if you were changing the thickness of the strings. If you change the thickness of strings used by more than 1 gauge you may need to have the guitar setup again.

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Hi, I'm not an expert, but I think you don't have enough relief on the neck. I had the exact same thing happen, buzzing on low E,A, only on the first few frets. Took it to a luthier/tech, and he knew exactly what was wrong, just a tiny turn of the nut, and all is well. Needs a slight turn of the truss to give the neck more relief (space between the strings and fretboard).
And I mean SMALL turn of the truss rod (usually a hex nut inside the sound hole)

He said this was a very common issue, as through the seasons, the neck settles and needs adjustments.

good luck.