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Buzzing noise on my Squier Strat

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My guitar keeps a consistent humming sound and when I switch the tone and everything some make it even worse. Though you can hear the strings over the sound, its still very annoying. It isn't my amp, I've tried all my other guitars on it and they do not have the same effect. I would be very grateful if someone could help solve this problem with me!

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Hey there,
I have a question, are your other guitars single coil pickups? If your other guitars are heavy metal type guitars, chances are they have dual-coil pickups. In general guitar slang, these are known as 'Humbuckers'.

Single-coil pickups act like small antennas, picking various types of electromagnetic interference usually heard as hum. Humbuckers contain two coils that are wired out of phase with each other. This causes the hum generated by each coil to be canceled out by the other coil (hence the name - Humbucker)

Single coil pickups, like the ones most likely on your strat, produce a much crisper clean sound, where a humbucker wouldn't quite get as crisp a sound, but more round and warm. On my strat, my bridge pickup is a humbucker, while the rest are single coil pickups.

But the question is, how do we stop the hum on a single coil?

There are multiple pickups, mainly from the design of Seymour Duncan pickups. More can be found about these humbucking yet single coil pickups here:

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Does the humming reduce or stop if you touch the strings or any metal parts on the Guitar? Like the metal part of the bridge or any metal tone or volume knobs.....or the metal jack imput plate?