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Buzzing on lower frets

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I am having trouble on my Squire Standard Strat with the strings buzzing on the lower frets. I went through the whole setup procedure several times as outlined on Nil's website (Great website Nil: You have made some nice improvements recently). The nut height on all the strings is pretty close to .oo5 inches. In order to keep the strings from buzzing on the lower frets, I have had to set the relief and the string height at the 12th fret on the high end. The relief is set up at about .012. The string height at the 12th fret is about 8/64th on the bass side and 7/64 on the treble side. I have some fret wear on the upper five frets under the first 3 strings but this does not seem to cause any problems with buzzing on the top. When I look at the neck from the side I notice very small gaps between the bottom of some of the frets and the fretboard. The frets that aren't flush also seem to turn up to the side slightly. Could this be the problem or is it something else? If it is, can it be easily fixed or am I looking at a complete fret job or new neck. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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it seems those frets popping up are the problem. I just had a problem with this on a Fender acoustic, and Fender is giving me a new guitar. unforutnately, giving me a new guitar was cheaper than fixing the bad frets.

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I have a couple guitars that when their not plugged into an amp have frets that buzz. However when the guitars are plugged in you can't hear it. They have been that way for years. I figure that their fine the way they are as long as it can't be heard when their plugged in. I suppose I could fix them but I figure I can live with it. On yours have the frets ever been polished or filed. I've see new guitars that have been shipped from the factory with frets that need this done before their sold. Some shops don't do a very good job of it brfore they sell them.

Just a thought on the polishing.


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If you have fret buzz it is an indication that things are not fine, even if you can only hear it when its not plugged in. It indicates that your intonation (String height) and action are set wrong, as well could the truss rod be out of alignment. Its worth getting them sorted.