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Hi everybody-

Some of you may have seen photos of my fave guitar- bought it in Korea, with several of you consulting on the purchase. It's great, but it's an odd shape. And size. And just sort of unusual.

I'm going to be travelling A LOT in the coming year- and this guitar is clearly coming with me. But I need a hard case for it. I managed to get it back from Korea in a gig bag, but can't count on that always working. (I had to unleash ALL the charm on a DELTA stewardess.)

But I can't find a case that fits this guitar any place. So what I'm thinking is...I have a Cort hardshell case which is fairly decent, but doesn't fit anything I own. (Long story.) Can I tear the foam out of this, then re-line it to fit my guitar? And what kind of materials would I use? Anyone have any experience with this?


PS- or where could I get a case for a small, weird looking guitar?

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I would say that is plausable. Was about to suggest I once saw a case that was solid foam and you cut out the shape of your guitar, but if you have a case ..........

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Co-incidentally, the latest StewMac e-mail newsletter was on just this topic

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