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Changing strings on an electric

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I have heard that the tension of the strings on an acoustic is important for keeping the neck properly adjusted. So, I've been told not to remove all the strings at once when changing them. Is there any truth to this?

And if so, does it apply to electrics as well in general? Fender Strats in particular?


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Hi, Just to clear the matter of changing string gauges. All modern guitars have a truss rod built in to the neck. the function of this is to counteract the effect of the string tension pulling the neck forward. different guage strings have different loading on the neck so if you change the guage then you have to alter the truss rod tension accordingly. Its like a seesaw, its a question of balance and all guitars are different as they are made of wood and no two bits of wood are the add further complication, if your guitar has a trem system then this also has to be balanced with your chosen guage of strings, so you have to remember that your guitar is a sum of its parts and for optimum performance these parts have to be tuned to work together.any body having trouble with there guitars in this area, or in fact any other problems please feel free to contact me for a free advice and problem diagnosis