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Chip in Acoustic Guitar

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Hi, I hope someone here can help.

I managed to drop the plug from my amp on top of my guitar and it landed pin first... owch.
The photos below show the damage, two chips in the matt laquer of the body. I think its only a single layer its taken off and hasn't gone down to wood.

I was wondering if anyone here could give me any advice how to fix this? My first thought was to wet sand untill flat and then use a spray matt laquer to cover? Although I've never made a repair like this before.

Thanks, Andy :D

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My 2 cents...

I have two small knocks in the binding of my favorite acoustic.

Two separate luthiers that I talked to convinced me not to get it repaired. Basically, the arrangement is that it adds character. Unless you are looking to sell it, don't bother.

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I thought I may get a reply along the lines of that.

If the guitar was covered in chips and marks, I wouldn't mind so much, I like the character and used look it gives instruments, but as there are only two they stand out alot and in my opinion don't add to the look of the guitar.

Also, because of the way the laquer has cracked/flaked the colour of the knocks really stands out against the dark colour of the wood.

I'd really quite like to repair it and as there doesn't seem to be any luthiers in my local area, I'm going to have to tackle it myself.

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Wet sand it using the finest grades you can get. I'd go with 400 to start, up to where you can see scratches anymore. If that isn't enough, use ultra thin super glue. Usually available from modeling stores. Drop in a drop, let it set and repeat the above sanding process.

That's how I do it.