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Hi all.

Recently my father in law passed away and he was a very accomplished musician. He even worked as an arranger for motown back in its heyday. When I passed he had a large number of instruments. Most have been sold but we kept about 6 guitars a banjo and some odds and ends.

3 of the guitars are higher end classical. There is a Ricardo Sanchis, a Paul Jacobson and a Jose Rameriz (this one is a prize, built in 1968 and in excellent condition).

My question is I want to have these evaluated and have any maintenance done on them that's required. I would also like to have them appraised for insurance purposes. Not really planning on selling them.

Can anyone recommend a good luthier in the Lexington, KY area? Or someplace within a few hours drive? Nashville, Cincinnati, Lousiville, Indianapolis, etc.

Looking for someone with classical experience. I don't want to let any Joe Schmo touch these things!


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Try here:

Any number of luthiers contribute to the Forum, and they have gazillions of Forum members who should be able to help.

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Gruhn Guitars, Nashville. Does appraisals and is extremely well respected.

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