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Condensation on my guitar, will it be ruined?

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Hello guys,

Here's the deal:

I have a Stratocaster and I keep it on a wall hanger in my bedroom. I occasionally sleep with air conditioning, so it gets cold. When I wake up in the morning, everything is kinda wet in the room, due to the condensation of water in the air. My guitar seems fine, but I'm afraid something has happened to its neck. The fretboard is pure wood, hasn't got any finish. That is my main concern. HOW WOULD I KNOW IF IT'S DAMAGED?

It's been like 2 weeks since the last time it happened, would it be damaged by now?

I am a little OCD about my guitars.

Please help me out!

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If you haven't noticed any problems when you play it, then it should be ok. Strat necks are pretty tough, and fretboards are generally not finished. A little Formby's lemon oil on it will help keep the moisture content of the wood constant through environmental changes. But just the same you might want to keep it in the case.

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