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Cracked headstock

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My son tossed his ltd explorer into his classroom and when he opened the case later that day the headstock had cracked vertically from the nut up through one of the tuning keys. He only got this guitar 9 days ago from his grandmother and was heartbroken and foolishly attempted to fix it himself with wood glue and tape. Being a impatient child he did not even wait for the glue to cure an now I am left with a crack that has dried glue in it. I know wood glue will not stick to itself and I was looking for any ideas how to clean out the crack so I get a strong bond. I was also considering drilling across the crack into the headstock and using dowels to reinforce the repair. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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I like the dowel idea -pics would help.

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Depending on the glue used, it might be as easy as a damp rag on the glue to soften it. As for the dowels... You could... but most brakes have "teeth" to begean with. the right glues, on clean wood, with correct clamping, and dry time is normaly strong enough.

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as said above water based glue like elmers will eventually soften with water . when regluing it id use that ready made hide glue that stewart macdonald sells its better than the regular houshold wood glue and even if some gets on the finish its easily cleaned upwith a damp towel even if it is dried. but the bond is much better..