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Double Truss Rod

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Hey guys!

I got a 9 string and it has two truss rods. I searched a lot and couldn't find an answer as to which one does what.

Does anybody here know which one does what?

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Are the truss rods parallel? In other words, when you are looking down the neck, do they appear side by side?

My guess is that because you have a nine-string (!) guitar, the neck is too wide for a single truss rod to adjust the bow across all nine strings. Thus, you can do separate adjustments across the width of the neck to get the set up you want.

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Yes! They are parallel.

But, they both do what? I mean should I move both in the same direction? That's what confuses me. No guide no manual either.

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The double truss rod system is there to deal with the highly increased tension placed on the neck by the increased number of strings. It's not a case of "which one does what" - they combine to do the one job.

Yes, you may have to adjust both.

Yes, you may have to adjust them by different amounts

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Adjusting them separately is for untwisting the neck. This twist is caused by the difference in tension between the gauges of low v. high strings. 6 or less string instruments don't have much of this problem, so they don't need 2 rods.

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