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Epiphone Truss rod adjustment

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I was wondering whether anyone has any experience with Epiphone truss rod adjustment. It looks to be an M4 hex key style, but it appears quite easy to turn clockwise, and very difficult to turn anticlockwise, maybe it's an opposite thread? I have a 2008 Epiphone '1958' Korina Explorer, which I bought second hand recently, and I'm planning on restringing it with 11s so I can tune to C standard and drop A (the current strings are quite loose on the low tunings, so they're probably 9s).
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I used to set up guitars for a living. I never knew which ones were reverse threaded and which weren't. I just turn it about an 1/8 of a turn at a time until I liked where the neck sat.

Hope this help!

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it's very refreshing to hear it referred to as "standard C" rather than drop C. so many people I know like to argue about that! I used to do C standard but most of my guitars are up to D now. I use Dr DDT 10 - 52. love them!

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None of the Epiphones have reversed threaded truss rods to my knowledge. Righty-tighty-convex, lefty-loosy-concave. I would take it to a qualified repair tech though, cuz you can ruin a neck by overadjusting.

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