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expertise needed -Amp stopped working

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Hey all

I'm a real rookie at all guitar gear related things and am looking for some advice about my amp that just cut out while I was playing.
Basically it was working fine one minute and then the sound cut out and hasn't worked since. I've tried it with many different cables, and plugged it into several different outlets etc, all with the same problem. The strange thing is that the power light is still coming on but it now does this weird thing where after I hit the power button off it takes a really long time for the light to go out (it does this dim-fade out thing now, whereas before it would just go right off).
Does anyone have an idea of what might be the problem here?
The amp itself is really low end, just a little Squire 15 practice amp, but it all that I have so I would love to get it back up an running!

any advice would be great