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Factory Second SG Repair?

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There is a listing for a factory 2nd Epiphone G400 Custom in black that I was was thinking about buying, but I was wanting to know if the damage shown is reparable. Also, would it be possible to fill in and cover up the 2nd stamp on the headstock? Here is the link to the listing with all the pictures.

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From what I see in the pictures, the only reason(s) it's even marked as a "second" are purely cosmetic.

Anything that is simply "paint -n- bodywork" is quite fixable.

Though, I'm not the guy to answer the "how do I do it" question, I can assure you that a lot worse damage than that can be fixed to be nearly invisible.

Or, you could play it like it is.

If you're actually using it, it's bound to get scuffs and dings eventually.

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I agree with post above. Nothing wrong other then cosmetics. I've had many epiphone factory reconditioned guitars. Never unsatisfied but imo this is priced to high $455 after shipping. Everytime I try to sell one people always use the stamp mark as leverage to get a better deal.

You really wouldn't want to cover the mark up either because if you or someone else decides to sell it. Anyone that knows what there looking at notices it will feel there being deceived when all you wanted to achieve is removing a blemish