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Hi folks, was just wondering if you could help me, i spent all last night trying to fix my guitar to get home and not have it work again....i was having problems with the jack as the input was loose, so i tightened that up, but still had noise i did not want, so i opened her up once again and found that the wires connecting to the jack were loose, well they came off when i pulled at them...whoops. i took it to my friend who has a soldering iron and asked him to fit the wires back on, but making the biggest schoolboy error i forgot which wires went where, i believe them to be black and white. He has a good understanding of electronics and thought he knew which went where so he proceeded. unfortunately i got home plugged her in and all i got was noise,, am almost hoping my amp is screwed but i highly doubt it.. Guess i should check that first as well as my leads. but any help would be greatly appreciated. PEACE Beany!

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Look on line for a picture of where the leads connect and then go in and resolder them. Shouldn't be a big deal.

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White is positive, I call it power. Goes from the tip in the jack, same as from the point of your cord, to the volume pot, right in the middle. Black/negative is the sleeve or barrel of the jack, and corresponds to the pin, not point of the 1/4".

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