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Fernandez sustainer guitar setup.

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I bought a slightly used Vertigo, made in Japan, with a bolt on neck and Floyd. The seller, (Reverb), was a former Nashville studio owner and he knew the guitar only as a liquidation asset, but I bought it because I like sustain. I wish that I knew the year, pickup types, electronic specs and paint type, (black satin).

I suppose it would have been more fretworn and already sold, if the truss rod had been adjusted, but when I got it home to MS, I had to fabricate a truss rod tool, since it used a bolt/nut, rather than a simple hex wrench adjustment. I ground down a socket to fit in the tiny headstock pocket and used a tapered screw driver to turn the socket and tighten the truss rod. Then, to my surprise, the strings had to be raised, to clear the pickups but it now plays very well.

I want to set the humbucker pickups, (especially the neck sustainer pickup), and I plan to create a cutaway for playing the upper frets, (WTF). I think it's like me, and is overweight, and I'm quite concerned about my back pain during and since the last set. It has a bolt on neck which is different than any I've seen.

It's a screamer, and despite my string bending and floyd dives it stays in tune better than anything I've ever owned, even that old Moserite I started with in 65.

I forgot, it's still sustaining that note I played before I started this. (9volt battery). ;)

The Fernandez web site shows very little that is of use to me for upgrading, so I'm pleading for your much needed advice.