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Fixing Scratches on...
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Fixing Scratches on Guitar

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I need some help fixing some scratches/dings on a guitar I just got. My buddy and I traded guitars, and I now have a 1981 Les Paul Firebrand. It was in pretty bad shape when he acquired it. The previous owner had spray painted it and put decals over it. After getting it, my friend fixed it up, stripped off the horrible paint job, and straightened the neck. He sanded it down to its natural wood. I like the natural wood look, and I plan to keep it like that. There are three noticeable scratches on the front of the guitar.
Does anyone know how to fix these? Do I sand it? Any advice you could give would be great. Thanks.

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You could try steam to swell the wood if it is a dent. Once you have gotten the dent out a bit if sanding should remove all evidence. If the dent is deep get a piece of wood that matches the guitar body,example mahogany If its a mahogany body,and sand it to get sawdust. Mix that with wood glue and fill the dent with your matching wood filler you have made and sand to blend.

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You can leave it wood but I would recommend having at the very least a lacquer or some sort of clear coat to protect the wood from wood related issues, like stains, mildew, and possible warping. About the scratches I wouldn't worry too much unless it effects the tone of the guitar. Other than that it builds character. :D

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