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Floyd Rose Intonation

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Hello all,

I was trying to set up the intonation on an ESP Horizon, but I can't seem to get the saddles to move. I've only used non FR guitars before and seemed to manage OK. I started with the low E string and found it was a bit out and wanted to move the saddle further away from the nut. I used the hex key to loosen the saddle (I loosened it quite a lot, but didn't actually take the screw out (if it even comes out)), but I couldn't seem to move the saddle one way or the other. The screw things that stick out from the bridge seem to be only for locking the strings behind the little graphite blocks, so I'm guessing those can't be used to change the string length? Is there a secret way of doing the intonation on a floyd rose? I have seen quite a few videos on YouTube about setting up a FR, but when they get to intonation I can't work out what they're doing.

On a different note (no pun intended) I've noticed that when I depress the bar completely, Satriani style, not all of the strings depress by the same amount. Most of the strings lose all of their tension, but I've noticed my high E string only drops to about the next B or A down (so only about 5 - 7 semitones) which sounds weak . Does anyone with FR experience have any ideas what's causing this?

Thanks for hearing my plight everyone.

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Try this -

There are seven videos in the sequence - all on how to set up a floyd rose. The link is to the last one, which is on intonation

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On the original floyds - the saddles are string specific and not interchangeable. It is very easy to remove these and replace them in the wrong order. The tallest ones should be in the middle. This could cause stirngs to fret out during big bends.
BTW those height screws do come out. Lots of good videos on youtube for setting up and maintaining FR's.