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fret crown/polish

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Going to try to do a crown job on the frets on my Guild D25. lots of files out there for this, and they ususally say they are for Med, large, or jumbo frets. How can I tell which I have. (my D25 has seemingly already had a refret done a while back). Frets are fairly level and are about .04". They are just very flat on top (the top surface is nearly 1/16" wide. It look slike they were done this way intentionally. Seems like to recrown these would improve the playability of this guitar, amybe even help intonation. The bottom of the frets (where they meet the fretboard) are just shy of 3/32" (as best as I can measure).

So are these large? medium? jumbo?

Do I have enough material to crown? (given that I don't think I need to level them).

What type of file should I buy ? seems like there's the type that rests perpendicular to the fretboard with the slot on each side, and then there's the type that is triangle shaped and filed smooth on the pointed edges to prevent from marring the fretboard.

Can I buff and polish the frets with a fingernail buffing pad (like on an emery board, or should I use a buffing wheel on my dremel tool?

Any help is greatly appreciated.