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Fret repair

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I was given an old RokAxe ( a brand I am not familiar with) ,which has great tone and the action is darn near perfect for my taste, but on the 5th fret just below the B string there is an indention. As small as it is it still grabs and makes a plucking sound when I bend the string. Can this be filed away without ruining the action? If not can the one fret be replaced? Is repair by a pro very expensive?
Also if anyone knows about a RokAxe such as value or collectibility I would appreciate the info.
Thnx in advance.

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Frets can be filed level, re-crowned and polished. This is best done with the neck straight and under simulated full tension of the strings tuned to pitch. This allows for a more precise leveling job. A simple quick fix would be to use a small fine file and carefully work on the bad fret. Removing only enough material to help.