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Fret too deep/shall...
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Fret too deep/shallow?

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Have just bought my new guitar, a Vintage V99 'Les Paul'-shape.

When I play the high 'E' and the 'B' strings on the first fret, I get a slight buzzing - also, the actual tone is no different to that when I play them on the second fret. (On 2nd fret there is no buzzing.)

It seems that holding these two strings onto the first fret actually puts them onto the second fret, making it impossible to play basic B, C, or F chords.

I guess it's because either (a) the first fret is to shallow, and so the string is being pushed too low and contacting the second fret aswell, or (b) the second fret is too deep, and hampering the string when it shouldn't.

I intend to return the guitar this afternoon, but my question is: is this problem fairly common, and is it easily fixed? I'm a beginner (in case you hadn't gathered!) and don't want to look daft when explaining the problem to shop staff! Should I expect a quick repair on the spot, a long-term repair where I leave it with them, or a replacement guitar?

Any advice appreciated...


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Yep, easily fixed.

It sounds like fret number two popped up or was never dressed, (read adjusted), properly.

If they have a repair section where you bought it, it's a five minute fix. Good as new.

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Thanks for that... it did indeed take him ten minutes, something to do with adjusting the neck (it's a bolt-on). Now I have no excuses for buzzing strings!

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Second that- it sounds pretty much like the second fret is a little high.

Most likely, it can be reset- easy fix.

Another possibility is that the neck has a slight back-bow to it near the headstock. Seems less likely, as this would more likely affect all strings.

In either case, it should be an easy fix- and since you just got it, the shop should fix it for you.


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Good job. I'm glad you could take it back and get it fixed. Local dealer/tech comes through again! 8)

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