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GFS Tuners. Has any...
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GFS Tuners. Has anyone used them?

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I need get some new/decent tuners BAD. I just got a used Gretsch Jr Jet. The only real major problem is the tuners are terrible.

This is what's on it
Kind of confussing, but Won it on ebay. The ad said "replaced tuners because one went bad".
The thing came with actually 3 different "brands" on it and all the left overs. So I have 2 sets of junk tuners +1? :roll:

I would trust GFS because I hear good things about the Pickups, but atleast one of these sets I'm betting came from GFS.I could be wrong,but I see no name on any of them.(looks excatly like one in the link)

I really right now would rather order from StewMac (just up the road :wink: ).Get some regular Grover or Gotoh tuners.I'll have to drill the peghole which is ok. I like a threaded bushing too.

I'm asking because I would like to order from GFS anyway because I want a set of their PU's for another gtr and maybe the Badass style wraparound bridge for this gtr.

Can someone vouch for these tuners? What kind do you have? THANKS

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I've purchased two types of Grovers from Stew-Mac, because they met the exact requirements of my projects (locking or look). but they are waaay overpriced.

the tuners I've purchased from GFS have been very acceptable for the price, and in some cases are actually "brand names," such a Wilkensen (sp?). no fear.

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