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Gibson Rebuilt: Need 2 Measurments.

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I have a really old Gibson which my grandfather owned. Now he didnt like the body style, so he built his own body which turned out really nice. The problem is, I as a child, took apart everything to see how it all worked. It pretty much ruined it as I didnt know what I was doing. Dont FRET. I did learn a lot. I am now peicing it back together... but the bridge and tail piece are missing... so I bought new ones.

What I need is distances between the MIDDLE of the bridge to the very BOTTOM of the neck (23rd fret) to get my alignment correct on any GIBSON with a tailpiece and bridge. I've noticed that on most SG's that the bridge is slanted. Perhaps I could get measurments from both sides.

Also the distance between the tailpiece and the bridge is needed too (both sides again would help most)

Any help here would be most... well... helpful!


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The bridge should be the same distance from the 12th fret as the 12th fret is from the nut, this applies to all guitars.

There would normally be recesses on the body for the bridge and the end stop, but if you have a different body this won't be the case. Since the string length is between the nut and the bridge, the end stop doesn't have to be in a set place.

If you have the original type ABR bridge or similar than each string can be finley adjusted for height and length.