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Graph Tech TUSQ XL Nut on 1996 Squier Strat Help

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Hey All,
So I've been upgrading my 1996 Squier Strat and picked up a Graph Tech TUSQ XL Strat Style nut (pre slotted and all). I am replacing it due to being old and worn, strings are too low on the 1st fret height test, and I already have just upgraded the electronics so I wanted to get this done as well. Although I did not buy the nut from StewMac I have purchased the Item #: 1891 under the Fender style section. I pulled the old nut out and realized it does not have the tab that the new nut has.

Stew Mac Listing,_saddles/String_nuts/TUSQ_XL_Nuts.html

My original Squier nut on the left, Graph Tech on the right

The old nut is 4.79mm (0.189") tall over the entire nut and the bottom is rounded. The TUSQ XL is 5.08mm tall (0.200") only at the tab. If I sand the tab down the entire nut will be way too small. I performed some additional research and found that item# 1884 on the Stew Mac link above might be what I need although it is a flat bottom nut. Any suggestions? This would be very helpful!

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Call the supplier and see if they'll exchange. Always look and measure before you order parts, especially with fender they change things all the time and each series differs from the next.