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Guitar Decals?

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With a little google search I found one - Just $3.99. We want to see the photos of your guitar with the sticker.

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i really had too much free time today...


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No offense to the guitar purists, be there is no damage to guitars at all if you use waterslide decals. They are completely harmless and though they will last for years they are easily removed if you just lay a wet sponge on the decal, let it sit and then scrape off with the edge of a credit card.... No Damage.

You can get some pretty sweet vintage pinup decals on ebay. I use this seller as they have a pretty good variety:

They have some pretty cool pics of past customer's jobs you can check out:

I had some custom work done for a rather well known customer and it turned out pretty well. (sorry, can't post the pics). But they also carry the two images that Gibson is using to reproduce Steve Jones' Gibson Les Paul:

Prices are down right reasonable.

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Waterslides if left on for a long time can damage the finish if the rest of your guitar fades. I sometimes use static cling decals on my guitars if I want to change up the look - they're cheap and you can change them each time you take your guitar out!

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Hello all, I can't believe it took me so long to find this!! I think customizing your guitar is just fine. Why not? It is YOURS, right? If you ever want to sell the guitar in the future you'd better put something on it that can be removed. The stuff I do is permanent, since I poly or lacquer over the images.

Simply put, the best material is a beer label. Check it out!

I also think a great way to customize your guitar (if it is a Strat or Tele) is to update the pickguard. It is removable and doesn't hurt the guitar at all. You can do literally anything you want to a pickguard.

-=- Steve

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