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Guitar Hum Problem

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Hi there
i have a Gibson Les Paul standard Guitar and it works very good at home(connecting to the AMP or to my PC sound card) and in many clubs i played in(connecting directly to Mixer) but in one particular club the guitar is very noisy. When i moving around, the noise(continues hum) is varying but it's still there which is very annoying i don;t know wither it's ground loop ,60 Hz hum or EMI/RF
this noise happened in this particular place with the guitar only not with the keyboard as i played with a keyboard player as a due .......can anybody tell me how to know the problem and how do i solve it.....thank you and sorry for my bad English as it's not my native language

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neon signs are often the problem. overhead florescent lights too. the main power source could be 'dirty'. a power conditioner would solve the problem.