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Hank Marvin Burns

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Not sure if this is the best place for this, but just bought a new Hank Marvin Greenburst Burns Replica, the finish and quality are 100%, it has hand wound pickups to the exact same spec. as the originals and sounds superb, and really duplicates the sound Hank had whilst using Burns between 1964 and 1970. I would say this guitar is as good as a new Gibson I bought recently, retail cost approx. £2,000, the Burns was approx. £650!

The only thing I can possibly fault it on is that the 1st string is closer to the edge of the fingerboard than the 6th, as though the trem isn't quite in the right place, and the centre and neck pickups don't therefore have the strings in line with the pole pieces. Has anyone on here got the same guitar, does there's have the same issue?



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Congrats on the guitar
I poked around a bit and judging by the pictures I could find this seems to be intentional. since all the right handed examples I saw were exactly as you described, and the one left handed version I found had the same thing in reverse.

My best guess (without the benefit of actually examining one in person) is that it has something to do with the trem on it. most burns trems are rather...unique, and this one looks to be no exception. They list it as a res-o-matic, and I can't find much on how it works.

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I have a Burn's Marquee (also in Greenburst), but I can't fault the workmanship, nor the quality of the pickups (although I've been pondering an upgrade to, maybe, Tri-sonics).

Burn's are very under-rated and, therefore, not as widespread as they should be.

Mine is also somewhat older, so I have a different trem to current production and truss rod adjustment in the neck heel.

That Marvin Trem also contains the Res-o-Tubes, which gave the guitar a different sound.

They have a new Tele-style guitar that sports a humbucker and 2 Tri-Sonic pickups ( )

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