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help me fix that gu...
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help me fix that guitar scratch

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i got a scratch exactly under the middle pickup.
is there an easy way to fix it?

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unless it's a high dollar guitar, or vintage, my choices wound be:

1) ignore it
2) if I can't ignore it, touch it up with a black sharpie.

To actually do a finish repair you'd need to know what material the factory used, and get a small amount of that.
It's not easy to invisibly repair small spots like that. It takes a fair amount of practice to get it right.

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If you can match the color, nail polish can do a nice job on small blemishes like that- especially as it's in a place that it won't get a lot of friction.

It's a lot easier to shape/finish nail polish than the original finish will be. BUt...if you look close enough, it will show.


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Guitars are going to get dings and scratches eventually, unless you only ever play them in a padded room and wear soft clothing with no buttons, snaps or zippers.

I have a virtually unblemished Schecter C-1+ that I've babied for a long, long time...and then one day fairly recently when I was changing strings, I managed to drop my very sharp wire cutters right point-down on the front of the guitar. Made a lovely divot in the finish, in a pretty conspicuous area. I was *furious* with myself for about 5 minutes - until I realized that it really doesn't change anything. yeah, it might not look brand new anymore (nearly 5 years after I bought it) but it still plays the same.

I'm sitting 5 feet from it in a somewhat dimly lit room right now, and even though I know exactly where it is, I can barely make out the mark.

I guess that's my long way of saying...unless your normal audience is normally sitting 3 feet from you and performing a constant guitar inspection, or unless that's an absolutely irreplaceable Ibanez (that is an Ibanez, right?) then hitting it with a black Sharpie or some nail polish and thinking no more of it is probably your best bet. :)