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help me pliz! some question about adjusting the truss rod

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hi, how are you all doing? hope great! :) i know that it is a boring question about asking a truss rod adjustment...but i haven't got any threads that can help me to find my,this are the question...

i want to ask you about adjusting truss rod steps at the floyd rose guitars actually..but i know it will take so long so...well,i just want to ask some questions:

1) i've read somewhere in this forum about "the string as a straightedge" method and it said that i can use the string as a straightedge by fretting at the 1st and the 17th fret, and i read the Dan Erlewine's book "player repair guide" and he teach us to do the same too but i found some article that said to fret at the 1st fret and the 15th fret or even at the 24th fret, and as i noticed that Dan Erlewine's books mostly are for fenders and Gibson guitars (have only 22 frets) mostly...(my guitar is Ibanez rg model with 24 frets)… so,

Question 1 a: what are the differences between those methods? And which one should i use?

Question 1b: if i choose the “fret at the 1st fret and the 24th fret” method ,where should i see the gap? is it on the 12th fret?

for info: my guitar is ibanez rg series model (has 24 frets) equipped with floyd rose licensed..and it's body-neck joint is at 18th-24th fret.

2) i have never have someone mentioned something about detuning the strings when adjusting the truss i am now is my confusion: is it not necessary to detune the strings when i am turning the truss rod nut? if it is not necessary, how can i turn the nut while the "tuned to pitch(high tension)" strings near my allen key are acting like a wall for my allan key turning movement..?

3) is the truss rod affected by the string height too? if it is, should i set the string height first before i adjust my truss rod?

sorry for my bad english..i hope you understand..thx u so much...

warm regards,