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Help with Fishman Fluence wiring?

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Hello! I recently purchased a Legator 8 string guitar and decided to upgrade the pickups to the Fishman Fluence Tosin Abasi Sig. set. I got the set, opened up my guitar, and got to work.

The wiring kit does not include a switch, and you are (I assume) supposed to use the switch already inside of the guitar. The switch inside was a 3 way Fender Strat style switch with 8 connectors on it. Sadly, none of the 3 diagrams included with the Fluences used a switch with 8 connectors, and so I decided to do a bit of research to figure out how to make it work.

I ended up using the 3rd diagram included with the Fluences ( ), but using the switch wiring from the diagram included with the Fishman Fluence Modern 8 set ( ).

It sorta worked, and sorta didn't.
I can select the neck pickup OR the bridge pickup, but I can only do this while the switch is in between one of the 3 selections (between top and middle for neck, between bottom and middle for bridge).

I feel like I am close to making this work, but my lack of electronics knowledge has put me at a standstill.

Could any of you guys give me advice on where to find information, or on how I should wire up the switch I currently have? I also would like to note that I have an extra 5-way Fender Style switch if that would be better for my use case/solving my problem.

Thanks lots!

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The 2 websites are for 2 different models, one using a 3 position switch, the other (the Abasi model) a 5 position switch. Your post indicates you have the later, requiring the 5 position switch. The diagrams are not interchangeable. Use the 5 position switch, but it must be the right kind; the diagram says a "5-way super selector" switch.

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