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High B and E strings dead

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Hello, all. I'm a new member of the forums so please forgive me if there's already an answer I've missed or if I'm posting in the wrong place. I'm an active player and have been for around 8 years, but recently I had a problem that stumped me. I was doing some practicing on my new-to-me B.C Rich Mockingbird ST when I went and pulled back on the whammy bar a bit too hard and heard a cracking noise followed by my high B and E strings sounding completely dead when played open. Yet when fretted they sound fine. So far I've changed the strings, raised the strings off the fret board a bit, and even went as far as to raise the whole bridge, all to no avail. I'm desperate to get it working again. If anyone here has some insight into this or could guide me in the right direction that'd be great! Thanks in advance!

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Fine when fretted but dead when open sounds like an issue at the nut end of the neck. Like the locking nut, if it's a Floyd Rose (string clamp or screw maybe?). Assuming any fretted B or E string note rings true, you've taken the nut out of the equation.