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Hot Rod Deluxe prob...
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Hot Rod Deluxe problem

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My friend just sent me his Hot Rod Deluxe that has hardly been used at all. I pulled it out of the box, plugged in my Strat, and began to play like a madman. The sound is good and the volume is loud as hell, but one of the tubes seems to be rattling. I don't know if something was jarred during the shipping or there is a more serious problem. My first guess was that maybe one of the tubes broke during shipping, but I would think the sound would be terrible or at least very quiet, and neither is the case. If someone holds their finger against the tube to stop the vibrating/buzzing while I play, it sounds fine. I was hoping someone here has dealt with this before and there is a quick fix. Please let me know what you think. Thanks a lot.

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Yes, the tubes should have been removed from the amp before it was shipped and installed after it arrived. There are Tube Retainer Clips that can be used to secure tubes. I consider Wes as our official HRD tech. He knows the in and outs of that amp better than most. I would remove the tubes and adjust the pins for a better fit. Perhaps that will help.


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If the elements inside the tube have been loosened by the jarring, that tube will always be microphonic. The solution is replacement.

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