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Hum when running th...
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Hum when running through a pedal board

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Ok really really annoying problem, I have a Marshall MG100DFX with a variety of guitars from strats to les pauls. When i play my guitar through my amp direct with no effects or anything wired in its absolutely fine. However i have a pedal board with the following pedals on it: Cry Baby Wah Pedal, DOD Tech 4 effects processor, Boss Super Chorus and a Distortion Pedal. The board is powered by a 9V DC brick so all the pedals are powered off one power supply. Now when i plug this pedal board in no matter what order the pedals are in it, i get a hum from my amp.

I ahve tried a variety of things to get rid of it. I have eliminated the DC brick and run everything off battery power. I have taken each pedal out the loop and tried without it and tried it on its own and no matter what pedal goes between the amp and the guitar, even if it is only one, it still hums. Obviously without the power being from mains it cant be an earth hum. I have powered the amp and floorboard off one socket and stil have the problem. It seems that no matter wot i do its still there.

DOes anyone have absolutely any idea of how this could be sorted?

Many Thanks

Steven J