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Humbucker Wiring Problem- Makin me humbuckin crazy!

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I'm having an odd issue with a semi-hollow body setup, and was wondering if anyone could offer any advice.

After wiring the harness and fishing the components through the 'F' hole (that was a whole bunch of fun!) all I got was a loud 'NNNEEHHHH!" sound. Crap.

So I've taken to (after pulling the components) wiring the harness externally and am STILL running in to issues. I may have fried a pot or the switch... Here goes

2 Wilkinson humbuckers
2 A-500K Volume Pots
2 B-500K Tone Pots
1 3-way toggle switch
1 Output jack

After fussing with a variety of wiring plans, I decided to test the components to see if I could find a point-of-failure. All tries include proper grounding- excuse me if I omit that in any of the following.

1) Pickup: ground to ground, hot to output--- works

2) Pickup- Hot to Switch (Neck or Bridge position, tested seperately), Switch common to output---works

3) Pickup- Hot to Vol Pot lug (grounded), other lug to output jack---works

4) EitherOr-

-Pickup - Switch - Volume - Output
-Pickup - Volume - Switch - Output

-do NOT work. NO signal out.

I've done these tests on each pickup individually. Once or twice, some variation of the above with both pickups.

I've tested the switch for continuity- all good.

Put an ohmmeter on the pots- gets expected reading.

I'm about to order new pots, switch and jack just to be sure. But since all components test OK, but just don't work together, I'm a bit stumped.

Any ideas?

Also- I've considered just going with a 2- Volume setup (no tone)- but can NOT find any diagrams for such. Seems that it would be simple, but since I can't get my setup to work with a traditional wiring scheme I don't want to fuss too much with that idea.

Thanks all!

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It sounds to me like a grounding issue. Here is a link to something that may be helpful to you.

Also, if you want to run separate volumes and no tones, just cut out the tone pots from the diagram on the link I sent you. I will try to get a diagram up for 2 volume and no tone later today for you on the same link as well.