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Ibanez RG Broken neck :(

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Hi guys, I have a big problem :( about 6 months ago my friend was leaving my room and picked up his bag, the strap caught on my Guitar's tremelo bar and sent my guitar toppling face-down onto the floor. It left a crack in the woodwork on the neck :(

As soon as it happened i took the strings off as to keep the tension off the break. Poor lily has been sat in her coffin-case ever since :(

I have decided recently to bring her back from the dead, as my old guitar just doesn't compare to her.

Here are the pictures. I have no idea where to get a replacement neck in the UK, and i am not a guitar techy so i would have no idea how to replace the old neck either. I just want to be able to play her again :( i dont know what to do.

Any help is appreciated, thank you very much in advance.

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Your guitar has a bolt on neck, right?
If you can find a neck, then that would be a fairly easy job to replace.

Alternately, , if you feel up to some carpentry.

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You'll either have to glue that one back together, or get a knock off/replacement on ebay/ or something along those lines. Ibanez will not sell you a genuine Ibby neck as a replacement, I already tried once... :(

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I'd glue it. Tite Bond Original is the stuff.

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Glue it! what you got to lose a new neck will but you back less than $100

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if you use yellow glue, make sure you use clamping pressure till the glue sets. i'd also use masking tape every where around the repair site to keep the glue clean up to a minimum. remember, its the clamping that makes a tight and secure joint. wipe any squeeze out with a damp cloth immediatly to make clean up easy and nice.

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Glue, clamp, and pray. It looks like the three together may do it. (Glue without pressure is pointless. Prayer may be unnecessary, but you know...)

And good luck!