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Info on Gibson guitars

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Not sure where to post this in the forums, assume will be moved if not here.

I have seen a Gibson "Blues Hawk" guitar advertised by a UK company, this has been discontinued by Gibson for 2006, just wondered if anyone had one of these, or had played one? had thought of buying one while I can, I also like the Les Paul double cutaway, but I am told that the Classic and Standard were discontinued in 2005! and that only the "Faded" and the "Supreme" are available. The faded has P90 single coil pups and cheap looking finish and the Supreme is too expensive.

I have just purchased a Gibson LP Standard and ES335 and was looking for something different but collectable.

Any help would be appreciated.

Gary UK

PS: If a moderator sees this, is there any chance of having a section in the forum where people could discuss and request advice on particular equipment, as above?

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These guys have a Blueshawk and others too

the BB King 80th birthday one should be fairly collectable ;)