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Replaced the Bridge on my '06 Fender P Bass with a Fender HI-Mass Bridge.  Trying to adjust the intonation, I find that I cannot move the E string saddle far enough to the rear before the spring binds up.  Is it OK for me to snip the spring allowing me move the saddle back?

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I get that fixing the intonation on your Fender P Bass can be frustrating, especially after changing the bridge. Cutting the spring might seem like a quick solution, but I don't recommend it for these reasons:


The spring is important for keeping the saddle in the right position and letting the strings vibrate correctly. If you cut it, you might get buzzing, dead spots, and trouble keeping the intonation right.


Cutting the spring could cancel your warranty. That means if something goes wrong later, you might not be covered.

Other Solutions:

Instead of cutting, try checking if the saddle is in the bridge correctly. It shouldn't be angled.
Adjust the intonation of the other strings a bit to help the E string.
Raising the bridge a bit might give more room for the E string without causing problems.

Professional Help:

If you're not sure what to do, it's better to take your bass to a guitar technician. They can figure out the issue and suggest the best fix without messing up your instrument.
Remember, cutting things should be the last choice. Try these other solutions first, and if needed, get a pro to help. That way, your P Bass can keep sounding great!