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Is my guitar action...
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Is my guitar action good?

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I recently bought a new Takamine GD51 and I've been having a blast with it, but I feel like the action is just a bit too high.
I tried to adjust the truss rod and tighten it by going clockwise with the wench, but after about a whole spin it became too hard and I thought I better stop because I might be over-tightening it. I was measuring by putting my finger on the 1st fret and the last fret, and taking a look at around the 8th fret (following this video ) and it seemed like it's not changing despite messing around with the truss rod. Here's a picture of the 8th fret, while I have the 1st and last fret pushed down (just like the video):

And I will link some other pictures since it's not letting me post more than 1 image for some reason.

1st fret:
7th fret:
12th fret:

And a couple more pics: and

You could maybe take a look at your guitar in the same way these pics were taken and try to compare. I could take my guitar to a maintenance store but it's far away from me (like 40 kms) and I can do maintenance things on my own with just little guidance.
Thank you in advance!

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I've only ever seen one guitar that needed a truss rod adjustment, and that was a bass with a severely warped neck.

You turned it one whole turn? I'm surprised you didn't warp the neck a long way the other way; one quarter of a turn is the maximum recommended by the experts.

Exactly what is that ride height? If your strings are 5mm off the frets at the 12th fret then you're going to be fine - that's more or less what mine are, and I play Big Band jazz on an Epiphone Les Paul off a set of 10s. I'd expect the ride height be a little more on an acoustic.

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As pathetic as this may sound but I don't have a metal ruler so I can't get specific info. My turn was a bit less than a full turn but it seems like nothing even changed. I honestly don't know but I stopped touching it for now and I'll take it to a repair store some time to make sure I didn't mess anything up.

Anyways I also got some pictures of the bridge and nut, maybe they need to be lowered instead?
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any updates about it?

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From the pictures, it seems that the strings action is high.
Firstly, check the neck, to see if the neck is straight or not.
It is different to tell the neck is straight or not just from your picture.
If the neck is already straight, it is useless to adjust the truss rod.
Maybe the nut or the saddle is high. We can grind the sadle or nut a little lower.
The action of 12th fret should be under 2.8mm.