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Hi all

I am doing a total overhaul on a guitar, I am doing a respray, re-fret, new hardware etc etc.

I am happy doing all the hardware & refret but never done a paint job. Its only a cheap guitar so if it goes wrong its not a big deal.

I am going to remove the body and all the electrics, sand it down and fill it if & where it needs it, prime it, put cotton wool in the screw holes.

SO my main questions are

1. Will car paint be ok?

2. How many layers will I need?

3. What do I use for a lacquer? I was intending to use a sprayable polyeurthine varnish?

4. How many layers of that will I need?

thanks in advance.

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aside from refretting, painting with lacquer is probably the most difficult part of the job.

what you do depends on what's on the guitar now (the finish), and what you want it to look like when done (other than shiny/glossy/sexy -- colors, transparency/grain, depth of finish etc). first rule of refinishing low cost guitars: if your "cheap" guitar currently has a solid color finish, don't expect much of the wood beneath... but there are exceptions. as you write about filling, sounds as if you might already preparing for a solid color refinish -- or maybe you mean grain filler?.

in any case, for painting info and supplies, visit Reranch:

and Steward McDonald:

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