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Log Pot help PLEASE

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Heya guys,
I've posted this on a couple of forums and no help has been forthcomming :(

I need a good log pot for volume application where I can use it to clean up the sound and control distortion on a valve amp.
I have a '94 Les Paul running through a tube amp. Both my Epiphone LP Custom and G&L Asat work well, where the 1st 1/2 turn of the pot cleans up the signal to switch between distortion and 'clean' and the rest of the turn controls clean volume. Whereas on the Gibson Les Paul the 1st half turn only lowers volume and the distortion is more or less the same. The last of the turn before zero seems to clean it up, but by then the volume level is useless.

I know not all log pots are the same - this is obvious.
Can someone PLEASE tell me what brand and model of pot I should buy to make the gibson do what the epi and G&L do? (the pots on the G&L and Epi aren't branded and I don't want to remove them)????