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Loose machine head?

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Hi all,

I'm new to this forum (as my post count may suggest) and and looking for an answer to this...

My low E string cannot be tuned up to the required tuning. It is very loose. Every other string tunes up perfectly. I attempted to tighten the screw inside the machine head but the action of winding the head itself seems to negate this.

Any ideas?

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The first thing I'd check is:
Is the string slipping on the tuning post?

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if the string is not slipping off the post as Kent suggests:

remove the string from the post. when you tighten the screw - presuming it is the one going thru the center of wheel gear and into the post, does it leave the post a little higher than all the rest (sticking out of the headstock more)? if so, then you need to loosen the screw slightly, grab the worm wheel gear (flat, round one) and the post and rotate them back-n-forth in opposite directions while pushing them together. they should interlock. when they do, tighten the screw. restring, tune and go.

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