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Lowering action

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How would I go about lowering the action at the 12th fret on an acoustic?

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There is only one way and that is to take some off the bottom of the saddle. Remember the amount you want off at the 12th is double at the saddle. In other words, if you want to lower the action at the 12th by 1/64 you need to remove 1/32 from the saddle. You need to mark the saddle with a pencil line at the point you want to shave it off to and use some fine sand paper on a flat surface and go real slow back and forth keeping the saddle level.

Just go a little at a time until you like it and remember if you go too far you will either need to shim it back up or replace the saddle and start over. I always recommend buying a new saddle to experimant with and you can always go back to the old one.

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