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Martin Guitar Crack...
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Martin Guitar Crack Under Bridge

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Hello guys!

Nice to meet you guys! I'm new and this is my first topic here.

I'm REALLY concerned about my guitar and I want to share my doubts with you, looking forward an answer that can help me.
Two months ago I bought a Martin DX1AE, used from eBay. Apparently the guitar was perfect, and I really think it was. I have been busy, without time to play and to be honest, unfortunately, I played five or six times in two months.
I live in New York City, in an apartment with the AC always on. Concerned about humidity, i bought an Hygrometer and an Oasis Plus Humidifier.
The guitar is always protected by the case, and inside the case the humidity is 30%-40% and temperature 60ºF-70ºF, even with the humidifier.
Ok, there we go.
I opened the case and found a "crack" in my guitar, under the bridge. As I said before, without time to play, just opening the case to put the humidifier, I never saw the crack before. Yes, Im disappointed about that and blaming me for being stupid.
In my guitar, under the bridge, there are different shades of wood, masking the crack. Probably the crack enhanced during the last days and I just realized now.
I'm attaching pictures, and my questions are:
1 - Of course, but, it is really a crack, right? (i dont know why but i'm trying to close my eyes for it)
2 - Is it a severe crack?
3 - At the time, I have no money to pay a luthier. Could I repair by myself?
4 - Could you guys, suggest me the best type of glue to do it?

*Sorry, I posted the links because the imgs are more than 600px wide.

All help is more than welcome, I really need to repair it as soon as possible.

Thank you so much to read my topic and please apologize my english, this is not my first language.

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im so sorry to read this... I love Martin guitars and to see this is just horrible.

Firstly, yes, its a crack...and it appears quite bad.
Secondly, this is NOT something you are going to be able to just glue and clamp the guitar back together. I would suggest that it is a separation caused by humidity, or lack thereof.
It needs to go to a luthier... to how quickly it needs to go, that is up to you, but i would suggest this test.
hold the guitar on your lap and VERY gently apply a light press the the face of the guitar on either side of the crack. There are a few things you are looking out for.
1 is ANY sound... if it creaks, groans or makes even the slightest cracking sound, put the guitar down and dont use it until you can get it fixed.
2. is visable movement. The face should be solid, the crack SHOULD NOT move, if you see movement, again, put her down and wait till you can get it repaired.

The other things is this, currently, it does not appear that the crack goes past the bridge towards the soundhole, if that changes, or the width of the crack increases, then again, get her to a doctor.

I wouldnt be playing this guitar in its current state... it needs work.