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Neck damage due to ...
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Neck damage due to polishing cloth

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I recently purchased some Dunlop guitar polish and a Fender Factory microfiber rag (both recommend by the luthier who set up my guitar) and polished it for the first time.

I followed the instructions: 1-2 sprays, wipe with that side, then wipe with the dry side. But while polishing the neck, the cloth kept snagging. Each time, it pulled out little splinter-sized pieces of wood, leaving behind tiny pieces of the cloth which I can't even get out.

My favorite thing about this guitar (aside from the sound) was the fact that the neck was flawlessly smooth. Now there are these little rough spots along it. Suffice it to say, I am pretty upset. Is there anything I can do? Would it even be worth it to take it to a luthier and attempt to have it smoothed out back to it's original condition?