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Need help with cheap strat style pickups

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I'm new here and didn't know where else to turn for help and advice as I'm learning on my own. I have a couple of cheap strat style guitars I'm tearing down and rebuilding back up some, switching out parts, etc, as in trying to learn more about the inner workings of guitars. My question is, everywhere I turn to for help with taking out and/or replacing pickups (they're both SSS) I can't seem to find help with the wiring style these employ. I have one wire coming from each pickup (red, yellow, blue) and I get that it's just a different set up than pickups with separate hot and ground wires but I'm still a little confused as to how these wires are hooked up with another wire before being soldered to the selector then volume pot.

I'm sure what I have said here is confusing but I will clarify in any way possible and I'd like to submit picks once I figure out how. Thanks!

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pics would be great, when you say one wire from the pickups... are you sure they arent a shielded two wire system?
I ask this because they HAVE to have 2 wires, one goes to the switch, one goes to ground.. without both wires, its just not going to work.

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It could be the wire is actually a rubber wrap around 2 separately wrapped wires. Try peeling back the outer casing to see if the wires are completely exposed or each is individually rubber wrapped