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New pickups

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I'm updating the pickups on my fender telecaster, Have been looking at Seymour Duncan lil ' 59's bridge and want a nice rythm pickup on the neck, Any help??? Something that will sound warm...
Cheers Mark :D

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Hi Mark.

What kind (model) Tele do yo have,
and what kind of sound are you looking for?
What type of music do you play?


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Hi Mark,

This is a tricky one. because there are so many variables, such as the amp, the player's personal style etc. So It's hard to make comparisons. However, Seymour Duncan do have a whole heap of audio samples at their web-site that compare different pickups, using the same general rigs. If you start at this page, and click on the links that start Humbuckers, Strat and Tele then each one takes you to a table with heaps of audio clips for each pickup, with samples of clean and dirty, neck and bridge.

Seymour Duncan

I worked through them when I was about to swap one out, and found it helpful.

Good hunting,


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The Seymour Duncan Vintage Alnico somethingorothers that came on my Lite Ash Tele are wonderful Tele pups. The neck pup in particular provides a clear, articulated Tele snap, but with just the right warmness. It's so good, I typically use the neck alone and sometimes neck + bridge for added punch.

If you are looking for really warm, you might try a SD mini humbucker for the neck position. This has become a very popular Tele mod, and now is offered by Fender as well. It will require some wood routing and pickguard work. If you want to try-before-buy, head over to a better Fender dealer. They will probably have the Fender 52 hot rod Tele in stock -- that's the one with the mini-bucker.

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