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Noise and cut out

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Hello, I have a 2005 Fender Road worn Telecaster. Just recently I started to notice a very bad buzzing whenever I played. The buzzing would come on and off but was never too much of a problem. Well after some time the buzzing got much worse and now has turned into cutting in and out! I will play a chord and the pick ups will pick it up, but after a very short amount of time the pick up simply drops out. I thought maybe it was a loose cable or a bad soldering connection so I opened up the guitar to check it out, but all the connections were fine. I'm really not sure what to do in this case. I am very capable of removing and reconnecting electronics in my guitar so I want to avoid taking it to someone to get it fixed. Any suggestions?

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well, assuming you have eliminated the possibility of outside equipment, such as bad cables, interferance, bad grounds etc. and the problem is internal. I would say, you need a meter that can be used to check continuity of the wires and maybe even the volume and tone pots as well as the switch for pick up selection. I would gamble that you've got a problem with that switch. Also I have seen the end of the jacks get bent out of wack and the end of the instrument cable would no longer make solid contact. It is unlikely that both pickups are crapping out at the same time. a decent meter will tell if your getting voltage through and exactley where the problem is. I don't know but maybe a jumper around the pots and switch would let know if they were bad, if you get my train of thought here. Just a guess and hopefully some food for thought. Hope it helps.